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Inventory Liquidation & Auction Services

Traditionally, when organizations need to dispose of a large number of assets for bankruptcy liquidation or surplus to ongoing operations they call in a live auctioneer. Unfortunately, this solution often results in assets being sold for pennies on the dollar.

Today, you have a better choice. By leveraging the worldwide market of eBay with the technical expertise of AccuSource, you will see considerably better returns.

Live auctioneers generally spend only a minute or two with each asset to catalog it and auction it off. When it comes to test equipment assets, they don’t understand the products nor what options, accessories, and modules add value. They often batch assets in odd groups just to save the few seconds it would take to auction them individually.

We, on the other hand, thoroughly evaluate each individual item. When the value of the item warrants it, we test for functionality, clean, recondition, accessorize, and even may provide a warranty to maximize its sale price. We then take multiple pictures, thoroughly describe the item’s features, options and accessories, and upload to eBay for bidders all over the world. Upon sale, we securely pack and ship to the customer using our Instapak foam-in-place system.

This clearly generates a higher sale price than you can expect from a live auctioneer, and with our reasonable fee structure you can count on recovering more capital from your assets. Additionally, you get paid quickly and with the confidence that only a transparent bidding process can provide.

AccuSource eBay Auction Service vs Live Auctioneer
  AccuSource eBay Service Live Auctioneer
Payment for assets sold Normally sold & paid within one month for smaller batches Soon after the auction is complete.
Process is transparent and accountable Yes Yes

Market audience Around a hundred million registered eBay users worldwide Maybe a couple of hundred live and logged on to the webcast

Auction duration 7-10 days A few seconds per item

Items are inventoried and described in a listing By a test equipment marketing expert By an admin clerk
Item descriptions include Options, accessories, condition, capabilities, etc. Generally just the model number

Items are functionally tested and cleaned Yes (generally with higher value assets only) No

Items are photographed Multiple angles, showcasing valuable options and accessories Generally one picture

Buyers can ask questions about the item Yes No

Items are batched together When doing so increases return Arbitrarily, when the auctioneer thinks assets aren’t worth his time

Payment methods accepted All credit cards, checks, paypal, cash, wire transfer. Cash, credit cards are charged an extra fee

Warranty available Yes No

Package and Ship to buyer Yes (worldwide) No

Highest sale price Yes No

Best Return on Investment Yes No