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Asset Management & Lifecycle Services

It is our goal to work hand in hand with you throughout the entire lifecycle of your test equipment assets.   

Procurement: With our combination of technical knowledge and market information, we can work with your engineering and purchasing staff to find solutions that cost less, decrease lead time, and increase productivity. Often we stock exactly what you need in our vast inventory of reconditioned test equipment. When we don’t, we can leverage our relationship with hundreds of vendors worldwide to negotiate the best possible value and delivery on either new or reconditioned equipment.

Repair Services: We offer repair service on a wide variety of test instruments even after the OEM no longer provides support. For those instruments we don’t service, we can often give a referral to one of the dozens of repair vendors that we work with. Frequently, when repair is impossible or uneconomical, we can offer a "repair by replacement" service which may help you avoid budgeting for a new capital asset.

Idle Asset Identification, Storage and Redeployment: We can help identify underutilized assets and facilitate redeployment, inactivation, or disposal. Inactive assets can be stored at your facility or ours until they are redeployed or disposed. If redeployed, we can test, recondition, accessorize, and facilitate calibration so the new user gets an asset that’s ready to go, not a “project piece” he can’t use.

Valuations: When you require an accurate valuation of your tangible test equipment assets for insurance purposes, merger and acquisition activity, loan collateral, etc., we can provide an expert appraisal service backed by real world market experience.

Calibration Consulting: Our technical staff has well over a hundred years of combined experience working at and managing calibration labs in both the government and civilian sectors, including private third party labs and major test equipment manufacturers. Our lab does not supply calibration certifications, so we are free to provide unbiased opinions about your calibration system including which items do not require cal, scheduling, determining intervals, establishing an in-house lab, certifications, training, and more.

Training: From informal one-on-one instruction at our facility to classroom instruction at yours, we offer hands-on training for many of the products we sell.

End of Life Disposal: Re-use not only makes economic sense, but it is also the most environmentally friendly solution for your unneeded assets. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to find a new user for some older or defective equipment. In this case, your unused asset is a liability that must be disposed of in accordance with local environmental regulations as well as with concern for data sensitivity and proprietary technology. We recycle extensively and send very little e-waste to the landfill.

Onsite De-installation: Valuable equipment and accessories often tend to get lost, damaged or destroyed during the de-installation process. This is particularly true when complete facilities are being shutdown or when teardown is being performed by unskilled, hired labor.

Proper de-installation includes the following steps:

  • Uninstall from fixtures and wiring
  • Gather accessories and bundle with the appropriate asset
  • Inventory to include option, accessory, and condition information
  • Packaging and transportation

Even the most careful employee can make costly errors during this process, and since we can often perform test equipment de-installation for a nominal fee, there is little reason not to take advantage of this service.