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About Us

me·trol' o·gist n  Metrologists perform work involving precision measurement and comparison of physical quantities such as mass, length, time, force, speed, voltage and current. They calibrate precision equipment which measures these physical units. They may also certify that outside standards of such quantities as mass and volume are correct.

Why begin an about us page with a definition?  Because to understand who we are, you first need to understand our common background. In plain English, a metrologist is the person who repairs and calibrates your test equipment or supervises the person who does. He generally has a military "PMEL" background or equivalent. He is the expert regarding "all things test equipment", often knowing more about a wider variety of equipment than even some of the engineers who design it. He tends toward a very exacting and precise nature which often infuriates his spouse.

As of this writing, over 80% of our staff, from the President to the guy who packs the boxes, can claim the title of "Metrologist", including three former lab managers. Overkill?  Maybe, but there’s no denying the fact that we know test equipment.

So now that we’ve established our "Geek Cred", the question becomes….do we know how to market and sell test equipment?  Yep, we can do that too!  Between just our two top sales engineers, we have over twenty five years of sales, management, and application engineering experience in some of the largest reconditioned test equipment dealers in the United States. In fact both have history as the top volume sales producer in every company where they have worked. We know marketing, we know sales, and we know the reconditioned test equipment industry but….

Why did AccuSource Electronics feel the need to start a new division focused on Asset Recovery Services?   Well, I’m glad you asked that!  The truth is that every day, we deal with middlemen who are trying to sell test equipment assets to us. They rarely know the critical information which is necessary to value the equipment such as working condition, installed options, etc. Believe it or not, they often don’t even get the model number right!

This being the case, we decided to cut out the middlemen and work directly with the asset owners to help them achieve the maximum return on their investment. Additionally, this opens up new opportunities for AccuSource to market desirable test equipment assets to our worldwide client base. It’s the classic "win-win" situation for everyone involved. Well, everyone except those middlemen.  Sorry guys…